Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind

First of all, I actually listened to this book and didn’t read it- I get crazy bored at work and listen to books to preserve sanity. This is my first experience with Terry Goodkind and overall, not a terrible experience. I liked that this was a looooong book, since I was hoping to make it last through a whole work week. The story is rather generic, and seems to struggle with a child-like friendship theme popping up all over the place. This probably isn’t a series I will run out and buy because, you know, it’s so good I need the audiobook, the ebook, and the actual book….. I really just rent the audiobooks from the library (YAY FREE LISTENS!). And the overall cheesiness level. Wow. I won’t even go there.

Anyhow, on to the characters and storyline.

Richard Cipher, our main character and Sword of Truth wielding hero is a likeable guy, if a bit naïve at times. Actually, I think he’s just plain stupid at times, which is combined with the fact that no one *cough KAHLAN* explains the ins and outs of life and dangers in the Midlands. The simple truth that he really KNOWS NOTHING about the Midlands is the cause of basically all of the problems he has in this book!!! YOU KNOW NOTHING RICHARD CIPHER, and that is sad because you’re the Seeker.

Kahlan Amnell is a lovely, mysterious woman that Richard rescues from assassins and then promptly falls irrevocably in love with. Later we find out that she’s this super powerful, more- important- than- kings- and- queens being known as the Mother Confessor. She has this weird magic that makes people into drooling veggies that live only to please her. This power is used on criminals to make them tell the truth and as a threat to the rulers of the Midlands to keep things real.

The goal in this book is to find a way to defeat Darken Rahl, a super powerful wizard that is taking over the Midlands and will eventually take down the boundary and invade Westland too. He’s trying to find and open the boxes of Orton, which are bejeweled boxes of great magic. These boxes (or one of them anyway) will give him even more power with which he can destroy the world or some roughly equivalent evil. Okay, so maybe the plot is deeper than that, but it’s not my job to spoil the entire book- that’s Wikipedia’s job.

I probably wouldn’t recommend these to my friends since they don’t read much anyways, but I would recommend these to people who are teenagers, bored, or want generic fantasy with some weirdly intense scenes. This book is really just junk or filler while waiting on a better book to release.


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